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Monday, November 28, 2011

Things I have learned as a Mom...

A dear friend of mine became an Aunt to twins last week and I got to thinking so what have  I learned about being a parent in the past 14 years... so here goes..
  1. I know nothing~ when they were babies I learned as they learned~ then for a brief time I became the one to go to with questions... then 3rd grade math hit and they no longer memorize the multiplication tables.... and when the hit 13 automatically they begin to say... what do you know... so I figure I am back to square one.... nothing :-)
  2. Having children is placing your heart outside your body... it is free to roam, learn, grow, be hurt, love and do so many things, but it is so very scary...(My best friend from high school's Mom taught me this one when I had my twins, thanks Carole)
  3. Kids books are the best, they teach you so many great things that are useful through out life... sharing is good, lying is bad, love is great, god is good, poop stinks, everybody poops, Momma loves you and will love you forever.... 
  4. The instruction manual is not coming... ever.... we need to learn like they do, god does not give us something we can't handle, though at times it is very hard... the object is do your best and remember I am sorry works for Momma's too
  5. Give them wings, sheltering them is not the answer, let them fall down, let them be sad, let them be happy, but be there as their back up to fall back on for support, encouragement, a hug or a high five... just being there is the important part. Be part of every moment you have with your children
I think that's enough for now.... I am still learning and so blessed to be a Mom ....always.

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  1. Great tips! You are an awesome mom. Thanks for sharing. I think we go into motherhood totally matter how prepared we think we are. AND I still can't imagine having twins!!